Congregational Snapshot Overview

The Congregational Snapshot gathers on one sheet of paper a significant amount of data about your congregation. While you have had access to all of this information, this allows the information to be presented in one place. Like pieces of a puzzle spread about the house, it was difficult to find and fit the pieces together into a coherent picture of the health and vitality of this church.

The Congregational Snapshot puts the pieces into this table with a clearer picture of your congregation’s missional vitality.

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AWA (average worship attendance) – the average weekly worship attendance at primary worship services is the single most significant congregational measurement for gaining a sense of a congregation.  The year-to-date figure (YTD) is pulled from the Missional Vital Signs database.

POF (professions of faith) – the number of persons joining your congregation for the first time and making a public profession of their Christian faith.  This is the strongest measure of a congregation’s evangelistic fruitfulness.  The year-to-date figure (YTD) is pulled from the Missional Vital Signs database.

POF minus Deaths – the number of members gained by profession of faith minus the number of members lost by death.  When the number is positive, it indicates that the congregation is growing both younger and larger.  When the number is negative, it indicates that the congregation is growing both older and fewer.

Children – the number of children that are involved in “discipling groups.”  The lower the number of children and youth, the more the congregation is moving toward becoming older and not multi-generational.

Youth – the number of youth that are involved in “discipling groups.”  The lower the number of children and youth indicated another sign of declining church health.

Total Giving – the total given by congregants (excluding facilities income, sale of church assets, fund raisers, memorial gifts, interest and dividends). This number is pulled from the financial reports and will not be the same as the Extravagant Generosity numbers.

Total Giving per Average Worshiper – the total giving divided by the average worship attendance. It is difficult to compare this figure with other congregations because the economic strength of communities varies. Generally speaking when this figure is trending up within a congregation, it indicates a growth in generosity by worshipers.

Facility Income – the total amount received by the congregation for the use of their facilities by outside groups. This may include rental of space to other congregations, a preschool that is not part of the congregation, use of the facility by community organizations for gatherings, marriage ceremonies, etc.  When this figure reaches 25% of the total giving, it usually is a sign of financial frailty. 

Equitable Compensation – the amount of supplement received by the congregation from The Commission on Equitable Compensation to bring the pastor’s salary up to the “minimum compensation” as set by the Annual Conference. At this point, evaluations should be considered for the potential long-term viability of this church.

% Apportionments Paid – the percent of fair-share apportioned funds the congregation paid in each year. (Click here to find out more about how apportionments are used.)

Total Indebtedness – the total amount of indebtedness for land, buildings and other assets as listed by the congregation in the end of the year statistical report.

P&C and WC Insurance Arrearage – the total of unpaid debts for property & casualty and workers compensation insurance at the end of the year. 

Health Insurance & Pension Arrearage – the total of unpaid debts for health insurance and pension at the end of the year.

Pastoral Compensation: This section is a summary of the expenses of a congregation for pastoral compensation.  If there is only one pastor and no pastoral change that year, the information is pretty straight forward.  If there is more than one appointed pastor, these are totals for expenses related to all appointed pastors.  If there is a change in appointment midyear and/or if there is a salary change midyear the total represents the sum paid out over the year for each category.

Salary – the total paid to all appointed pastors for salary.

Reimbursable Account – the total paid to all appointed pastors reimbursing them for business expenses rightfully belonging to the congregation.  

Continuing Ed. – the total paid to all appointed pastors for continuing education expense (workshops, seminars, books, webinars, tuition for classes, etc.)

Housing Allowance – the total paid to all appointed pastors for a housing allowance in lieu of providing a parsonage and utilities.

All information in The Congregational Snapshot is public information, either published in Annual Conference Journals or available upon request through the Conference Treasurer’s office.


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