What is Qussua?

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Called by many the heart of Methodism in Angola, Quéssua was an important center for education where missionaries from the United States taught and served for almost a century. It included a church, a clinic, and different schools covering from elementary to secondary education, theology and a school of agriculture. Then came a long and cruel civil war that lasted from 1975 till 2002.  In 1992 Quéssua was bombed down in an act of revenge against the first president of Angola, Agostino Neto, who ...

Captain's blog

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Captain’s blog… ahem, I mean Amanda’s blog, entry 1, day…. Okay, day Oct. 6, 2009.   Summery of events so far:     1. Working visas have arrived, we won’t get deported.    2. We moved to the house in Quessua.    3. Both dad and I have started teaching.    4. My teaching technique is better, for I have candy.    5. Five mice dead in a total of two weeks. Death caused by sticks.          6. Washing machine purchased; no more washing clothes by hand.    7. And lastly, internet has been unavailable...

Worship at Malange Central

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If you have not had your Pentecost or Aldersgate experience, come to worship at Malange Central United Methodist Church.  Today, September the 20th, Icel, Amanda, and I, gathered here for the third Sunday in a row. We just cannot get enough of the overflowing fervor of the congregation. Let me share some highlights of the way they worship, and perhaps you will get a taste of how the Spirit works among them. The exquisite mixture of traditional-American (or European) liturgical elements, ...

Our Life in Malange

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For the time being, we are staying in Malange until we move to Quessua at the end of September.  Since the conference offices are located here, many teams from Florida will be visiting town.  Perhaps you would like a preview of what you will see if you come, or simply an update on how we are doing. Malange is about 8 hrs. driving east from Luanda.  The main change that we see since our 2006 trip is the presence of some new buildings, stores and paved roads.  The video in this blog will show ...

We Made It!

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It took three days, a total of 28 hrs. sitting on three planes, and a flat tire on the 8-hr. road trip from Luanda to Malanje, but, guess what!  Ebenezer, the Lord has brought us this far!  We landed in Luanda in the afternoon of Sunday, August 30, and rested there at a very comfortable hotel.  The following day, it took only one morning to do all necessary paperwork at the US embassy and in the National Immigration Department (that counts as quick here).  With the promise that we will receive ...

Introducing the Angola Blog

The Angola Blog


Hello everybody!   After months of preparation, we finally will be leaving to Angola this Friday, August 28.  It will be a long, long flight! We are leaving from Orlando to Washington, and then embark on an 18-hour flight to South Africa. After staying overnight in Johannesburg, we will leave Sunday morning for the final leg of the flight, to Luanda, Angola.   That was the good news. The bad news is that we still don’t have our work visas. The Bishop in East Angola, Rev. Jose Quipungo, asked us ...

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