Erasing War's Vestiges in Quessua

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 Thanks to the support of Florida United Methodists, boys in Quessua do not have to cook and eat outdors any more.   Cooking and eating outdoor under the trees was common sight when we arrived in Angola on August 2009. In Quessua, unremitting scuffles during the war destroyed many facilities, including two large dining rooms with their kitchens that still lie in ruins. Kenny Augusto, at 10 the youngest boy of the boarding school (“Internato”) when we arrived, cooked with other ...

Almost at the Finish Line, a Dream Comes True

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Since our arrival in Quéssua, we always wanted to visit districts outside Malanje.  In a country that almost doubles the state of Texas in territorial extension, the East Angola Conference of the United Methodist Church serves more than 60% of the nation. However, due to lack of transportation, our ministry has been confined to the district of Malanje. Members from other regions requested our presence and support ever since we first arrived. Other districts, they say, rarely receive visitors or ...

Amandas Farewell

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Everyday I try to spend as much time as possible with the boys from the boarding school. After doing my part of the chores, working at the high school, and eating whatever I can find after mom and dad have done their way with the breakfast/lunch/dinner, I head out to find the boys of the boarding school. To do such things as:    Talk about how I couldn’t sleep the night before because several of the boys told me scary stories. Eat lunch with the boys and listen to them talk about how bad the ...

The Cross Over Quessua

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The missionaries who built Quéssua set a cross on the highest hill around. Standing at about 15 feet tall, the cross can be seen from miles away.  The upper tip is now damaged, but the cross has withstood the worst war times and is still there as a reminder of hope and peace from above.   climbing the mountian Since we arrived in Angola, it was our dream to visit the cross. This past Holy Saturday, Armando, Amanda, fifty-four boys and I went up the mountain to worship at the ...

Third Team Does Groundbreaking Work

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Their initial flight out of Florida was cancelled due to bad weather in Jacksonville.  They lost their connecting flight out of Florida and had to leave a day later.  None of their 16 bags arrived in Luanda, and only two of them did before the team left Angola a week later. It wasn’t enough that the team had a hard time traveling in the air, because the car broke down a couple of times on the way from Luanda to Quéssua making the voyage in ground level hard too. These were just a few of the ...

Visa Problems Overcome, Florida Teams Visit in East Angola

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“I’ve prayed for years that God would send back missionaries to Angola. He has heard my cry!” These were the words of “Senhor Salvador,” a long time Christian and former employee of the Quéssua Mission before the war.  When the first team to arrive in East Angola this year visited the village of “Mangas,” Salvador was there to worship with us.  He had worked alongside missionaries from the US and Canada for many, many years. When those missionaries were forced to leave Angola during the years ...

2010 Annual Conference under Way in Qussua

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Plenary Session 2010 Annual Conference for East Angola On February 3, 2010, Bishop José Quipunpo opened the sessions for the 2010 East Angola Annual Conference.  About 100 clergy and lay delegates have gathered from the vast region of east Angola. Some others are still on their long journey here. TV and radio came to broadcast a summary of the opening worship ceremony. It was a Eucharistic service with Bishop Quipungo preaching. The music, dancing, fellowship and the good food ...

Entertainment in Quessua

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It’s been almost four months since we arrived in Quéssua. TV, movie theaters, fun parks and other kinds of amusements are not available here.  However, there is plenty of entertainment around us as the video below shows.  The pleasures of simple life help us get through the challenges of each day. Lack of electricity, water and adequate transportation, fade away at the joys of living in a community where God’s blessings are truly appreciated.   While getting ready to receive the first ...

Roads Being Paved at Qussua

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The noise of big engines disrupts the usual calm by my house in Quéssua. I go out to see what the problem might be, and lo and behold, Chinese men are driving trucks, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery up and down the road! They shave-off the surface of the street, remove dirt, bring new dirt—heavier and resistant to the elements—lay it down, and level it out with more heavy machinery.  I try to talk to them, but since they have no Portuguese (or English), I end up talking to the few Angolans...

Quessua Boarding School

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Forty six young men, ages 10-21, live in the “Internato” (Boarding School) of Quéssua that was completed in 2007 with support from the Florida Conference. Some of these boys came from the orphanage at the Conference Center in Malange; most come from churches in other districts.  They are natural leaders, devoted Christians, hard workers and committed students. Life is tough for them.  With no adult supervision, the “rapazes” (young men in Portuguese), have organized themselves to accomplish ...

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