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The Fruit of the Spirit is Love

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Meditations on Scripture for the Services of Licensing, Commissioning and Ordination of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

The Holy Spirit for a Dispirited People: “Kindle in Us the Fire of Your Love"

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A sermon preached by Bishop Ken Carter on the Day of Pentecost, June 23, 2021, at First United Methodist Church in Winter Park, Florida

Three Commitments: A Missional Plan for Congregations and Clergy in the Post-Covid Florida Conference

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By Bishop Ken Carter & Lay Leader Alice Williams This week our nation paused to acknowledge the deaths of over 500,000 known persons to COVID-19, and our state acknowledged the deaths of over 30,000 persons. At the same time we are beginning to see large number of persons vaccinated, especially those most vulnerable to the disease. As winter passes into spring, and as the virus continues to subside, we begin to think about the post-COVID church and what it will mean for us to live into the new ...

Loving God, Loving Our Neighbor and Rendering to Caesar

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By Bishop Ken Carter Over the next two Sundays, the gospel passages in the Common Lectionary are Matthew 22:15-22 and Matthew 22:34-46. The first passage is the question of Jesus about paying taxes to the emperor. The second passage is the question of Jesus about the greatest commandment in the law. In between is a question about who will be married to whom, in the event of multiple marriages, in the life to come. This fall I have hosted an online Bible Study each Wednesday Night, for people ...

Resources on Race for the People of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

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Curated by Bishop Ken Carter, Dr. Sharon Austin, Rev. Alex Shanks, Dr. Candace Lewis, and Rev. Clarke Campbell-Evans

Public Statements by Bishop Ken Carter

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May 7   I express my profound sadness and anger in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.  His life mattered and matters. Our annual conference has affirmed this, we have written statements about profiling and responded to Trayvon's death and held vigils and leaned into difficult conversations.  Yet the legacy of slavery and supremacy lives on.  To my African-American friends in the Florida Conference, some of whom I have spoken to today, I don't live your story and cannot know what this means each time,...

Why reopening a church is different

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Guest Blogger - Alex Shanks Why reopening a church is different


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Guest Blogger - Paul W. Chilcote, PhD - I recently heard a new description for these unprecedented times in which we are living: “The Great Adaptation.” That label emerges from one of the central questions for a time such as this: What within each of us must adapt for the good of all? If we are fighting a battle against a virus as a human family, we are also fighting a more ancient battle against inherent selfishness.

What I am learning as I lead through the COVID-19 Crisis - 10 Thoughts for Leaders from Rev. Alex Shanks

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Guest Blogger - Alex Shanks What I am learning as I lead through the COVID-19 Crisis. 10 Thoughts for Leaders from Rev. Alex Shanks

Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. in a season of violence and racism

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