Anniversary Churches 2019

1844—175 years

Key West                                                                                         SE

Wakulla                                                                                           NW


1869—150 years

Ft. Meade, First                                                                              SW

Gainesville, Greater Liberty Hill                                                NC

Lake City, Pleasant Grove                                                           NE

Orange Creek, Campville                                                            NC             

Palm Harbor, Curlew                                                                    GC


1894—125 years

Evinston                                                                                          NC

High Springs, First                                                                        NW

Tampa, Port Tampa                                                                     GC


1919 - 100 years

Belle Glade, Community                                                             AC

Clearwater, Mt. Zion                                                                    GC

Estero                                                                                               SW


1944 - 75 years

Orlando, College Park                                                                 EC


1969 - 50 years

Coral Springs, First                                                                       SE

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