08 - Standing Rules

Board of Higher Education of Campus Ministry Standing Rules
Par. 409. Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry.
Pursuant to Par. 610 of the Discipline, the following provisions shall be added to the requirements of Par. 634 of the Discipline.
1. Membership.
The membership will be composed of 24 members, nominated on the basis of their interest and expertise, taking into consideration, whenever possible, concerns of inclusiveness and geographical representation, without diminishing the effectiveness of the Board’s ability to carry out its mission, and elected by the Annual Conference. The ex-officio members shall include the following representatives from the colleges and campus ministry units for whom the board has responsibilities of oversight and care: the presidents of the institutions of higher learning or their designated representatives; college chaplains; and campus ministers/directors. Other ex-officio members will be the Director of Connectional Ministries and the Executive Director of Higher Education and Campus Ministry. The following will also be members with voice and vote: two United Methodist students, a representative from the Cabinet; and others designed by the Discipline.
2. Terms.
The elected Board membership shall be divided into four classes to provide continuity.
3. Officers and Executive Committee.
a. The Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry shall elect from the membership every four years a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Finance Chair, Assessment Chair, and Scholarship Chair. These elected officers shall serve as members of the Executive Committee. Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee shall include one Campus Minister or Chaplain, with voice and no vote, and a representative of the Cabinet, with voice and vote.
b. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility and authority to act on behalf of the Board when the Board is not in session, with the exception of any business that may be reasonably postponed until the meeting of the full Board. A record of those actions shall be included in the Executive Committee Report and reported at the next Board meeting.
4. Meetings and Quorum. 
The Board shall meet at least two times per year to fulfill the responsibilities of oversight and care of the campus ministries and institutions of higher learning, within the bounds of the Florida Annual Conference, as outlined in Par. 634 of the Discipline. A quorum shall consist of those members present and voting at a duly called meeting.
5. Financial Recommendations.
The Board shall present to the Council on Finance and Administration of the Annual Conference the financial needs for adequate support of the colleges and campus ministries as related to the Annual Conference for apportionment to the local churches within the Conference.

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