04 - Importance of Campus Ministry

How Important is Campus Ministry? Consider these statistics:

  • The current generation of college students is the largest since the Baby Boom, but the lowest percentage to grow up in church
  • Approximately 80% of college students have never had significant Church experience
  • More significant life choices (vocation, lifestyle, relationships, spiritual) are made during college than any other stage of life.
  • 90% of students who have grown up in the church may never return after graduation

We are at a time in history where people are more sensitive to spirituality and this is very true when it comes to our college campuses. A study conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA shows a high degree of spiritual interest and involvement among college students. Many students say that they are “searching for meaning/purpose in life” or that they have discussions about the meaning of life with friends, and similar numbers have high expectations that college will help them develop emotionally and spiritually.

What a great opportunity for the United Methodist Church through our Campus Ministries and UM related colleges to have an effect on the lives of these students. Imagine the impact we could have as a church if we came together as a Conference to reach out to these students. We could not only began to fulfill the Great Commission on college campuses everywhere, but also help to bring the next generation of leaders into a relationship with the living God.


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